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We love the design, the use and that is it 100% compostable - (Seed Paper Cards). We love it, great way of advertising - Eco Can

  • Rohma Zubair, CoLab Project Manager
  • Center for Social Justice, Earlham College
  • Jan 12

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    Interesting Insights

    Putting out fires all day doesn't always allow us the time to step back and gain perspective for the longer term vision for our staff and customers.   We all know that things are constantly...


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Have you ever received a logo'd product and thought I NEED this?  That happens when there is a connection made with that product and the brand.  At Ethical Swag, we give you the story behind the products so you can ensure anything that bears your logo is a reflection of your brand.  You don't have to sacrifice on cost or quality.


We do the work, you and the planet get the benefit.


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